Partnership Opportunities

As the leading biopharma in NASH, IBS, IBD, CKD, Crohn’s Disease, and CVD strive to de-risk their pipelines with faster and more accurate analysis of efficacy, AI and ML-based approaches to digital pathology are spearheading the biomarker revolution in indications beyond oncology.

The Digital Pathology & AI in GI & Fibrotic Diseases Summit is dedicated to uniting the industry leaders managing the outsourcing of pathology analysis to improve diagnostic accuracy, optimize patient care, and reduce costs.


Experts Need Your Help With:

  • Integrating evolving algorithm development with digital pathology in emerging diseases beyond oncology to enhance understanding of therapeutic efficacy
  • Deploying clinical-trial ready, AI-powered algorithms for more accurate and reproducible participant selection to streamline recruitment for clinical trials
  • Validating next-generation diagnostics at scale tailored to specific diseases and protocols to improve quality and accuracy
  • Executing molecular phenotyping with special modelling to identify signatures that may impact outcomes

How Can We Help You Win New Business?

We understand each business is different, so we will work with you to build a bespoke package to fulfil your business objectives and elevate your company’s influence. 

Secure an exhibition booth to present and position your capabilities to biopharma who are actively seeking new AI and diagnostic solutions

Network one-to-one with stakeholders during our coordinated networking sessions to first-hand understand their requirements and present your solution 

Deliver a presentation and influence the thinking of preclinical, translational, and clinical decision makers working to identify new promising compounds and drive success in the clinic 

Who Will You Meet?

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